Where do I start?


Sometimes a room so full that you cannot even get in to it. The first thing you should do is take out the trash and take out what is obviously for donation. Don’t spend a lot of time here deciding what is what, only do what is obvious at first. This will make room for you to start sorting and organizing and you will get imminent gratification seeing your progress and making space. Then you can start separating things that are alike and putting them into piles or stacks to organize and put away.

Dear Neat Freak,

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Dear Deep Closets,

My home is 30 years old and I have several deep cabinets, closets and pantries.  The best thing that I have found and use myself are these, Pull Out Cabinet Organizers.  They come in all shapes and sizes and I am sure you can get them at other places besides Home Depot, that is just where I have gone to get mine.

These can really start adding up the $$ fast, so an alternative would be:  Under your sinks, using the cleaning caddy’s or for cabinets maybe some kind of basket that you can pull out to see what you need to get to.   I had to do a little every month to get all the pullout organizers that I wanted.

I hope this helps…. Neat Freak Texas



If you are a small business and just need someone to help you get caught up on all the little things that you have to do, but don't like or want to do; such as invoicing or sending out statements, data entry, filing and QuickBooks, I'm your girl.

Maybe you need help setting up your office, setting up your bookkeeping system, setting up policies and procedures, recruiting employees or writing ad's, we can do that too.

If you aren't so small, and don't need another employee, but do need to get caught up on some stuff. Hire me for 3 hours or 3 months what ever works for you.

Review From Sheli on Google

Sheli Johnson
★★★★★ 2 months ago
Neat Freak Texas’ Tonya Romer said it would probably take about 8 hours to empty and organize my two closets. She got the job done in half the time and not only made better use of wasted space, but also helped me declutter another area I never dreamed of using closet space for!!!! Each closet now has it own purpose instead of the helter skelter , everything here and there, that it was before! I’m already thinking of the next project for her! Thanks Tonya !
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Response from the owner 2 months ago

Master Pak Systems

Master Pak Systems

To whom it may concern;

We hired Tonya Romer to help us set up our new office computer system.  Tonya exceeded our expectations in her knowledge of and ability to teach the Quick Book Accounting System, which includes, payroll, accounts receivable and payable, customer files and inventory costs.  I would highly recommend Tonya for any job that she says she is qualified to do.

Bert Thoman, VP-MPS

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