De-Clutter and Organize

Been in business in the same space for years or setting up a new business space?  We can help you set up your space to look fantastic and function efficiently saving you both time and money.  We will sort, purge, donate, discard and organize everything in your business from the Reception to Inventory, to back office, warehouse operations, business offices and QuickBooks.  We also decorate for the holidays, setting up and take down.  

Moving Assistance: Pack/Purge/Donate/Discard/unpack/Organize

Filing Systems, Computers, Checklist, 

Can't find anything on your computer?  Your E-mail has 4000 unread e-mails?  Your desk is chaos?  We will clean it all up, organize it and put in systems for you to help keep it organized.   If you are still using paper files and want to go paperless or the filing system that you have is to time cumbersome and never gets done, we can help you with that.  I'm a firm believer in Time Management, I use check list at work and at home.  I have learned over the years that when you complete a task and check it off, for one thing you feel like you have accomplished something and second you don't keep going back to it to see if it is done wasting time running around in circles.

Professional Assistant Services

I love projects!  If you are a small business and just need someone to help you get caught up on all the little things that you have to do, but don't like or want to do; such as invoicing, paperwork, filing, setting up your office, setting up your bookkeeping system, setting up policies and procedures, recruiting employees or writing ad's, I'm your girl.  

If you aren't so small and don't need another employee, but do need to get caught up on some stuff I'm your girl.  Hire me for 3 hours or 3 months what ever works for you.  PRICES VERY FOR THIS SERVICE $25 - $60 PER HOUR