Declutter and Organize Any Space – We will sort, donate, discard and Organize any spaceYou would be surprised, how a little Declutter and Organizing to your home will refresh and up date your spaceWe do Photo’s – Photo album or digitize, Holiday Decorating – Set it up and take down inside your home, we can use the things that you already have or go for a completely different look.   Moving  Assistance – Sort/Pack/Purge/Donate/Discard/Unpack/Organize, Staging – Stage your home to make it more appealing to sell, or because you want an updated look to stay.



Home Office

Computers – Can't find anything on your computer?  Your E-mail has 4000 unread e-mails?  Your desk is chaos?  We will clean it all up, organize it and put in systems for you to help keep it organized.   If you are still using paper files and want to go paperless or the filing system that you have is to time cumbersome and never gets done, we can help you with that.  I'm a firm believer in Time Management, I use check list at work and at home.  I have learned over the years that when you complete a task and check it off, for one thing you feel like you have accomplished something and second you don't keep going back to it to see if it is done wasting time running around in circles.


Prices & Packages

We share our fees here, as a courtesy to our potential clients to save them valuable time and money from the start.  We are not the least expensive Professional Organizer out there, nor are we the most expensive.   We are however, upfront, honest and in our opinion and our clients opinion, we are the best!.  When choosing the right Professional Organizer for your project, remember that if it sounds like it is too good to be true, it probably is.  You will be working closely with your Professional Organizer, so you will need to trust and like them.  I encourage you to shop around, so that when you do choose me, you will have no doubt that I am the right person for your project.  


REQUIRED for ALL clients prior to service, Approximately to 1 hour, Assessment of project, Suggestions for organization, Extensive discussion regarding the organization process, Proposal for Services, Before Pictures.

 Minimum Required - 3 HOUR SESSION $180

3 hours In Home:  Typically focused on one project. 

Crystal Package:  2 (3 hour ) Sessions:  6 hours in home.  5% discount.  

Jade Package:  4 (3 hour ) Sessions:  12 hours In Home, 10% discount.  

Turquoise  Package:  9 (3 hour ) Sessions:  24 hours In Home. 10% discount. 

Emerald    Package:   14  (3 hour ) Sessions:  42 hours in home. 10% discount.  

Haul Off Service:  $10 trip charge, per trip to use our truck.  Client must help load and unload or provide the muscle for anything over 30lbs..

Extensive planning and coordination, Drop goods off for donation or schedule pick up, Before and After Pictures e-mailed to you.  Includes 14 - 30 days follow up service:  phone, text or e-mail.

PLEASE NOTE:  All package plans must be paid in full, in advance, no later than 48 hours prior to the day of the first session in order to receive the package plan discount.  No refunds will be given on packages for unused hours.  Hours will be put toward future maintenance or projects.  Client is responsible for any product purchase, moving charges and dump charges.  No surprises or hidden fee's.